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Support. Guidance. Wellness.

Have you been trying your hardest to eat healthier, improve you well-being, and have the energy in life you wish you had, but can't seem to stick to it or just feel lost? 

Then this is for you...

Welcome to my monthly Coaching Programs!

***Lauren is on maternity leave and is currently unavailable for monthly coaching programs. Check back here and on IG (@laurenhenryhealth) for updates on when Lauren will be accepting new clients again.***

~Do you have trouble sticking to your health goals?


~Do you want more support and guidance with food, and the challenges that can come with making dietary changes?


~Do you feel lost and don’t know what to eat or are unsure if you’re doing the right things for yourself?


~Do you wish you didn’t have to do it alone?


~Do you want to take the next step and fine tune your path to wellness?


~Do you want to create a plan that is right for your unique needs?


~Do you feel you need to bring more self-care into your life but don’t know how to give that to yourself?


~Do you want to find deeper spiritual connection with yourself and the world around you?

Then you've come to the right place

How the programs works

My programs are designed to give you the support and tools you need to not only get you started but keep you steady on your wellness journey.

Each month we will meet over the phone for 1 hour - except for the initial session which is an hour and a half. During our calls we will connect on what you’re going through, what your goals are, the challenges you may be facing, and any questions that come up. Each following session will build upon the last. I have found that consistent meetings over a long period of time lead to the greatest and longest lasting results.


In between sessions I will be available via email for support and questions. 


As a part of the program you will also receive handouts with information on topics such as food combining, the importance of snacking, when and why its important to lower fats, understanding detox, and exercises to bring more self-love and care into your life.

Since my sessions are held over the phone, they are available to anyone world wide.

What I can help you with

-Applying Medical Medium information to your life.

-Digestive health issues such as SIBO, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, acid reflux, and more. 

- Hormonal health and Womens health issues such as UTI's, Yeast Infections, PCOS, Painful Periods, and more.

- Mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression, and OCD.

- Sleep issues such as insomnia and difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

- Weight loss or weight gain.

-Skin Health such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, and Rosacea

- Detoxification

- Understanding your cravings and your body's needs

-Developing more self compassion, faith, and hope.


3 Month Program - Currently Unavailable

Includes 1, 1.5 hour initial session and 2, 1-hour sessions.

$199 per month or $525 paid in full (PIF saving $72)

6 Month Program - Currently Unavailable 

Includes 1, 1.5 hour initial session and 5, 1-hour sessions

$185 per month or $1000 paid in full (PIF saving $110)

12 Month Program - Best Deal! - Currently Unavailable

Includes 1, 1.5 hour initial session and 11, 1-hour sessions

$175 per month or $1800 paid in full (PIF saving $300)


In the event that you decide to cancel a program at anytime, you will remain responsible for the coaching sessions that have already taken place. 


If additional sessions are desired during the month, they will be an additional cost of $150 for an hour or $75 for 30 minutes.

*Keep in mind, these programs are actually a much better deal than my single sessions and yield better results due to the continual support of meeting each month! ;-)

Interested In Signing Up?!

Send me a message here.
PS. Let me know what issues you're needing support with.

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you via email shortly.


“When I came to Lauren for health advice, I had been following Medical Medium (MM) protocols for about 4 months. After introducing celery juice into my diet and seeing amazing results, I went all in with the MM information and made drastic changes to my diet and lifestyle. Unfortunately, I made these changes too quickly and was suffering from terrible detox symptoms like painful contact dermatitis around my nose and mouth. Lauren helped me to understand these detox symptoms and their root causes. I learned the difference between a flare up and a healthy level of detox. She helped me select supplements, tinctures, and the best foods possible to help my chronic illnesses (mainly EBV and Strep). Beyond that, she provided moral support and encouraged me to keep going when I was at my lowest points and struggled to find hope. She was never pushy and always encouraged me to listen to my body and my own intuition. Although I still struggle in some areas and have plenty of room for improvement, I feel very hopeful that in time I will become even healthier and stronger. Lauren has answered so many questions and provided me with many additional resources since our first consultation. With her help, I now understand my body on a much deeper level than ever before and am confident that I can continue on the healing journey. The most noteworthy symptoms that she has helped me overcome or drastically improve include: unwanted weight loss, hair thinning, coming off years of thyroid meds and maintaining healthy thyroid levels, contact dermatitis, plugged ears, congestions, constant adrenaline rushes, adrenal fatigue, insatiable hunger, constipation, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and more. I'm forever grateful to her for her knowledge and emotional support!”

-Hannah R.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Lauren Henry (“She,” “her,” or “Henry”), is not a licensed medical doctor, chiropractor, osteopathic physician, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other formally licensed healthcare professional. Henry does not render medical, psychological, or other professional advice or treatment, nor does she provide or prescribe any medical diagnosis, treatment, medication, or remedy. The information provided by Henry and LH Health, LLC will not treat or diagnose any disease, illness, or ailment and if they should experience any such issues they should see their registered physician or other practitioner as determined by their own judgment. You understand the information provided in this email is not a substitute for health care, medical or nutritional advice of any kind. You understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your own mental and physical well being, including your dietary choices and decisions. You agree to seek medical advice as determined by your own judgment before starting any program, any form of treatment or discontinuing use of any medications as prescribed by your medical practitioner. Nothing in this email should be construed as healthcare advice, medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription. Information or guidance provided by Henry should not be construed as a promise of benefits, a claim of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. Henry makes no guarantees or warranties related to her products or services.

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