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Guava Leaf Tea Benefits For Your Health - Guest post from Herbal Goodness Co.

Guava is a tropical fruit that tastes like a mix between a strawberry and a pear. Cut a guava open and you might think that you're looking inside a small watermelon. Taste of the tropical fruit varies because there's more than one guava which leads to one of the benefits of guava leaf tea. Because there is more than one type of guava, at Herbal Goodness, we want you to know that you have options when it comes to guava leaf tea benefits flavor. 

Great Guava Leaf Flavors

For example, there's tropical pink guava. This tea has a mild sweet taste.1 Lemon guava has a lemon or apple flavor. Flavor benefits of guava leaf tea of the tropical white variety is sweeter than the other flavors. If you like a creamy textured tea, try the tropical yellow guava fruit. Finally, there's the red malaysian guava tea. Flavor of the malaysian guava tea is sweet. 

Although guava has been eaten and drank as a tea for centuries in parts of the world like Mexico, Central America, South American and the Caribbean, it wasn't until the 1800s that people living in North America started to enjoy guava leaf tea benefits. Fortunately, you can eat all of the guava fruit. You could simply bite into the fruit. Or you can slice the fruit and eat it similar to how you'd eat a pineapple or watermelon. 

Another way to enjoy guava leaf tea benefits is to ingest the fruit as a delicious smoothie. All you need is ice, water or almond milk and you're on your way to a healthy, refreshing glass of flavorful guava leaf smoothie. But, don't use any guava. Go for the guava with the flavor that you love. Also, get guava leaf benefits from companies that farm in non-GMO soils, support their farmers, helping them to create a sustainable farming lifestyle. 

Choose a healthy foods company that has made social good a priority since its beginning and you could support women, girls, education and families. More about that impact of social good further in this article. Right now, let's introduce the benefits of guava leaf tea. 

Health Benefits of Guava Leaf Tea

Guava leaf tea benefits range from heart support, blood sugar support and inflammation and immune support.2 Each of these benefits offers indirect rewards. For example, improved inflammation and immunity can lead to pain reduction and internal blocks against infections. Clear, smooth skin is another of the guava leaf tea benefits. People also eat the guava fruit or drink guava tea to calm their stomach and support their oral health. 

Here are more benefits of guava leaf tea. As a tip, drink a cup of guava leaf tea daily for two weeks and longer to experience the effects of the fruit. 

  • Loose Bowels - Guava may help keep you regular. It can help you to avoid becoming constipated as well as help rid of diarrhea.3 In addition, guava leaf tea can help reduce stomach cramps which is why some women drink the tea during their menstrual cycle.

  • Cholesterol Support - When it comes to cholesterol, guava may support cholesterol by helping to reduce bad cholesterol. It's this support that your heart may thank you for.

  • Blood Sugar - Eating the guava fruit or drinking organic guava leaf tea daily could support the type of blood sugar levels that may lead to weight reduction and improved energy levels.

  • Skin Care - You don't have to be a teenager struggling with acne to appreciate these HerbalGoodness guava leaf tea benefits. Vitamin C in guava supports the development of clear, smooth skin. In fact, some people eat and drink guava to care for skin spots and skin blemishes. Even more, guava leaf tea may support skin texture, helping to tone skin. You may appreciate this benefit if you're trying to reduce wrinkles.

  • Hair Care - Another beauty area that guava tea supports is your hair. Antioxidants in the guava fruit may help to add more volume to your hair. Besides drinking guava leaf tea or eating the fruit raw, to strengthen your hair, you could boil then cool guava leaves and rub the cool leaves on your scalp. Do this while showering and shampooing and conditioning your hair.

  • Oral Care - One of the surprising guava leaf tea benefits has to do with oral care. In addition to drinking the tea, you could blend the leaves into a paste and apply the paste to your gums to potentially relieve tooth or gum pain. 

Of course, of all the guava leaf tea benefits there's the chance to enjoy a good night of sleep. In addition to staying asleep, you might sleep deeper. To gain this benefit, drink a cup of HerbalGoodness guava leaf tea an hour before you go to bed.

Tapping Into Guava Leaf Tea Benefits

Other ways to get guava leaf benefits is with HerbalGoodness guava leaf extract and guava leaves bulk herbs. If you like to snack, someone who reaches for treats if you're feeling bored or anxious, try HerbalGoodness guava leaves bulk herbs. This way, you'll be getting vitamin C and antioxidants while you snack. You'll also be eating a food that's low in calories, making this healthy food choice waistline friendly. 

And, when you get guava leaf tea benefits from HerbalGoodness, you help to support social good. Unlike other companies, HerbalGoodness' founder was involved with the WAAW Foundation, an organization that offers STEM education for girls and women in Africa, before she started HerbalGoodness. Giving back to the community is a priority for Dr. Unoma Okorafor, HerbalGoodness' founder. HerbalGoodness donates up to 10% of its profits to the WAAW Foundation. 

When choosing which organic guava product to go with at HerbalGoodness, consider if you'd like to cook with guava. In this case, you might prefer the bulk herbs or liquid extract. If you appreciate a warm tea,  try the HerbalGoodness guava leaf tea. All of the products are organic. They are also GMO free. For skin and hair care, consider drinking HerbalGoodness guava leaf tea and using HerbalGoodness bamboo leaf extract, as the extract is a hair, skin and nail support product. Click here to get HerbalGoodness organic guava leaf teas, extracts and natural leaves. 


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